Realtime multi - object and space configuration tools for presenting and analyzing complete architectural and interior projects.
Add more than one product to the scene and customize / configure both products and environment.


Based on the same technology we use for our product player system, with our realtime space configuration tools you can build your own realtime environment, add more than one object at a time, configure and customize both objects and environment, include navigation and interactivity, and much more.

Use it for presentations, visualizing and prototyping.


  • (Re)use your assets and bring them into a realtime environment.
  • Move and rotate assets, change color and materials.
  • Include animation, special effects and image filters.
  • Add graphic elements like logo, menus and interaction.
  • Include and switch between alternative design options.
  • Customize light and environmental settings.
  • All in realtime and in one single presentation.
  • Show presentations online, on iOS and Android tablets, console and VR.
  • Image Based lighting, PBR rendering for high quality and physically correct and consistent image quality.

Create product and project presentations
that make a difference.

Great for interior and product designers, architects, three dimensional planning and prototyping.


With VR the end user is not only in control of movement and how it interacts with the project,

VR also allows you to fully immerse into a project and give you a sensation as if you are really there.

We support Oculus Rift and other HMD’s


Customer: OASEN – GOUDA
Product: Oculus Rift walkthrough of not yet realized water installation
Brief: convert and optimize Sketchup model, set up player for Oculus Rift. Preview of installation not yet build
Output:  Realtime 3D application for Oculus Rift